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People are always surprised to hear about our outdoor family adventures. Let's be honest, most people are surprised to hear these epic adventures because were Black. So how did I end up here?


Well my passion for the outdoors started 16 years ago. I worked with youth who struggled with mental health issues, behavioural problems and complex trauma. We were surrounded by nature. The mountains and lakes we're our backyard. Nature was an outlet for youth to work through their troubles. 


I recall taking a group of boys out for a hike by myself. I let them lead parts of the trail and went off trail to discover new areas. We would have to tippy toe off the ledge of a narrow path and then jump off tree stumps to get across the stream of water. It was crazy, I felt like a child in an unfamiliar world.


That moment stuck with me. Fast forward, to present. I have to admit, I struggled with feeling a sense of belonging in the outdoor space. As a black person, you don’t see a lot of people that look like you in these spaces, or in advertising. As an outdoor enthusiast I found a need to create a safe and inclusive space. A space that inspires and encourages black, racialized and marginalized people to get outdoors. A space for everyone to take advantage of nature’s therapeutic benefits.

Meet the Team

About us

  1. I'm terrified of mice and rats 

  2. I love to travel and explore new destinations 

  3. Favorite movies: Kung Fu Panda and Shrek 

  4. I love listening to francophone soft rock 

  5. My all time weakness is Hagendaz ice cream 

  6. I love crossfit and can deadlift (325lbs) 

  7. I have a background in Education and Bachelors in Social work

  8. The last 16 years Ive worked ( in health care) with youth and families and currently work as a Sexual Exploitation and Runaway Speacialist 

  9. I love cracking jokes and using sarcasm 

  10. I am a proud Haitian (First Generation Canadian) 

10 Things about me

How I ended up here

Meet the Team


Jamillah Jean


The outdoors has been my family's therapeutic outlet for years. We created this space out of a need. On our regular hikes and camping trips we notice how absent BIPOC were in the outdoor space. We want to start breaking this narrative and seeing more diversity on trails. 

Our goal is to empower, showcase and normalize Black, racialized and marginalized groups in reclaiming outdoors spaces through community based activities. 

Datson Suffrard

As a parent it is important for my children to see others they identify with in the outdoor spaces. Representation is everything. I hope to showcase and normalize our experiences. 

Aerial View of a Mountain River

Adventure seeker, rock & leaf collector. At only 4years of age Jahya has hiked trails 6+ hours long, with altitudes as high as 1000m and more. You will usually find him leading the trail.





Nature lover who aspires to be a marine biologist. Nahyma's passion for nature is infectious. She often leads the welcome groups and cool down stretches at our activities and is a great inspiration to children and teens joining our adventures. 

Fog and Nature

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