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10 Easy hiking tips for beginners

Hiking can be super intimidating at first. Take it easy on yourself and go slow. Start with an easy local trail and work your way up. No one hikes Mount Everest in one day, so hike one trail at a time.

We want you to feel confident and empowered to go out on trail. With or without a friend you can take a hike using these simple tips.

Hiking tips for beginners

  1. Remember this is a time to disconnect and take advantage of natures therapeutic benefits

  2. Keep it simple Easy to Moderate trails 4-5 km round trip

  3. Find a friend

  4. Wear loose clothing and dress in layers to accommodate different climates.

  5. Wear shoes with support or grip

  6. Pack light: bring enough water, healthy snacks and lunch if needed

  7. Check weather and prep accordingly

  8. Download the trail map or grab a map if available

  9. Keep hydrated

  10. DON'T litter find a place to store your food wrappers, peels etc.. until you can properly discard

“Now take a hike. Look up, observe the scenery and take it all in.”
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